Friday Quartet


Toot and twang trio

Scenes from the romance by R. Chadwick



Berecuse by P.Nuttal


Paul and Sanya

Cuban Dance



L.Brower: Etudes Simples No XVI



Boceto Andaluz by B. Calatuyud

Three Pieces for Guitar by B. Calatuyud:

Lamento Gitano



Grade 7 pieces

Allemande BWV 996 by J.S.Bach

Nortena by G.Crespo

Blue Moon by Rogers and Hart



Study XIX by Leo Brower

Cavatina by Stanley Myer

Tango esta noche-V.Lindsey-Clark

Los Suenos by A.Piazzola

Canco del Lladre by M.Llobet


Paul’s Collection

Andantino by F.Carulli

Poco Allegretto by F.Carulli

Romance – performed by Paul and Sanya

Duet by M.Checkley performed by Paul and Sanya


Kevin Grade – Trinity Guildhall  Grade 8 Pieces

Pollaca in D by K.Mertz

Estudio No 20 by L. Brower

Danza by A.Ruiz-Pipo


Clare and Sanya- Whitewash and Los suenos

Whitewash poem by Clare Waters

Los Suenos by A. Piazzola, arr G.Ryan

Unidentified Regret

Poem by Clare Waters

Chansone De Follet by M de Falla



El noy de la mare


Yathavan- Trinity Guildhall Grade 5


Study no 2 by M.Carcassi



Trinity Guildhall Grade 5

Rio by Night by V.Lindsey-Clark

Trinity Guildhall Grade 4 pieces 

Buen augurio  bu M. Pujol

Mexicana by P.Nuttal

Steely Blue by V.Lindsey-Clark

Trinity Guildhall Grade 2 Pieces

Vals by B.Calatuyud

Spanish Dance by S.Rak

Sprite Nite by N.Powlesand


Phoebe – Trinity Guildhall Grade 3

Banjo Bill by G.Ryan

Sakura- traditional Japanese


Sreyas (age 8)- Trinity Guildhall Initial Grade

Drunken Sailor

Cactus sunset

King of the jungle


Xiangyu Hu

Barrios Mangore: La Cathedral:Preludio Saudade

L. Brower: Un Dia del Novembre

Compositions and arrangements by Xiangyu Hu


Various by Sanya

PreludioTriston by M.Pujol

Shadow of moon by Vincent Clark

Tango No3 by J.Ferrer

Ejercicio No9 by J.Ferrer

Torija by F.M.Torroba

Adelita by F.Tarrega

Lagrima by F.Tarrega


Our selection of Youtube favourites…


Ana Vidovic

Xue-fei Yang

Ludovico Einaudi

Roland Dyens

John Williams

Paco De Lucia

Zoran Dukic

Julian Bream

David Russell

Milos Karadaglic


My personal non-guitar favourites…


Jan Garbarek and The Hillard Ensemble / OFFICIUM

Yo-Yo Ma

Glen Gould

Nigel Kennedy

Itzakh Perlman

Anne-Sophie Mutter