Guitar, bass and singing lessons


My lessons are individualy tailored to suit each student’s requirements.

I teach classical, acoustic, electric and bass guitar  to advanced level. This includes many styles; from pop, rock and blues to flamenco and folk. Students are encouraged to compose their own music and develop their improvising skills.

Students can choose to follow a syllabus that leads to a recognised grade or they can simply choose to learn for their own pleasure.

I can also assist and mentor with music GCSEs,  A levels, music diplomas and music theory.

Those who are interested  can have their progress recorded on CD.

There is always an opportunity to play in ensembles, small groups or to jam for fun.




Born in Zagreb, Croatia, I spent most of my childhood and teenage years involved in music.Sanya - The Guitar Godess
I joined guitar group lessons at primary school only to be told by my teacher that, if I would like to make some serious progress, I should start one-to-one guitar lessons at the local music school.

At age 14 I won first prize in the Croatian national classical guitar competition.

I went to Music college “Vatroslav Lisinski” and was taught by Prof. Felix Spiller, who was also a bass player in a popular rock band named “Parni valjak”. He inspired me to look at different styles of guitar and bass music other than classical.

I studied at The Academy of Music, Zagreb under the guidance of Prof. Istvan Romer, member of a guitar ensembles called “Zagreb Guitar Trio” and the teacher of Ana Vidovic, a famous classical guitarist. During the four-year course in classical music performance and teaching, I took masterclasses with John Duarte, Carlos Bonell, Leo Brower, David Russell and Maria Livia Sao Marcos.

Prior to my arrival in the UK, I performed as a soloist and in various ensembles. I also taught guitar both privately and on guitar courses and at music schools.

Upon settling in England, I decided that private tuition allowed me the freedom of an uninterupted, direct relationship with students where they are each taught in a unique, individual way. I was also involved in setting up and teaching for Lorjen Music Academy.

I have been performing as a soloist at various private functions, such as birthdays and wedding receptions, which has maintained my professional development. Due to my family commitments and home educating my children, my main focus has remained teaching, research and arranging music. These days I take great pleasure in organizing concerts for my students and their families, bringing the joy of music to a wider audience.

While classical guitar music remains my most enduring passion, I constantly explore new avenues in music to expand my repertoire of performing styles. I regularly play in ensembles and bands with local musicians and accompany poets.

In addition to music I enjoy practising Chi gong, meditation, yoga, outdoor activities: scuba diving, motorbike rides, rock climbing and have recently started a new practice for counselling and life coaching to assist people with their wellbeing and progress in life.



Why Music Dojo?


From a very young age I was attracted to music and martial arts. Studying both, along with Eastern philosophy for a number of years, I have undoubtedly learnt that they have a lot in common.

To begin with, both arts require the three P’s, as I call it – patience, perseverance and practise.

Without patience, people quit at the first sign of hardship. It takes time to learn any new skill and the further in-depth we go, we discover that there is no end to our learning journey. That is the beauty of it. I have been playing guitar since age 10 and I still haven’t reached the point to declare that I can play guitar to my fullest satisfaction.

Perseverance means, if you don’t quit, you will most definitely make progress. I persevere in never giving up on anybody that sincerely wishes to learn to play guitar.

Practise does not mean just mere repetition. Without learning techniques correctly, practising incorrect techniques/rhythm can be a waste of time.

I experience music as “food for my soul”, while martial art training, in particular Aikido, keeps my body and mind in harmony. These arts, like any other, require self-discipline and lots of dedication. Bridging these two arts through a process of self-reflection has brought me inner peace and calm, which is reflected in our home environment. Students often arrive stressed from work or school, only to find themselves calm and relaxed by the end of their lesson. Currently, I hold 3rd Dan Black belt in traditional Iwama Takemutsu Aikido style and am fully qualified Aikido coach.

For me, meeting a new student is like a window of opportunity to learn from each other. Even though my students would never take credit for it, they have taught me how to teach and be observant, patient and open-minded. Each one has shown me how no two people are alike, and how they cannot be taught in the same way.

With great joy I am continuing this path of self-discovery through the study of philosophy, spiritual practice, music and martial arts, with the hope that I can assist people around me and contribute to making the world a better place.