This page is dedicated to the special people I know personally, who have fantastic skills and  who I highly recommend.

Do let me know if you would like to recommend anybody else…


Gita Buga Photography

My lovely daughter…and very talented photographer


Green Pete

Tutorial on how to make a ‘woodlore’style knife.

PS   Pete also designs websites like this one..


Julian Mullen Guitars

If you need any repair work on your instrument,

restoration, set-up or a custom built guitar…this is your man. Excellent work, fast and reliable..


Paul McFarland

Counselling and Psychotherapy in High Wycombe, Reading and Watford.


Have a healthy life

Complementary health therapists…thanks to Lynne our family sees GP maybe once in a decade!


Tony Sargeant

My Aikido Sensei, powerful healer and a family friend…


Clare Water’s Poetry Blog


Rachel Mc Callum Homeopathy, Reflexology and Baby Massage


Education Otherwise

Everything you wish to find out about the home education in UK.

It’s legal, inspiring and might be the best thing that you ever do for your kids.



Takemusu Iwama Aikido

Reading Zenshin Aikido Club


Berkshire Guitar Society

A group of mainly classical guitar enthusiasts, meeting up regularly for some sharing of the classical guitar music.


Cygnus books

A book distributor that has a wide selection of books books on self-development, mind, body and spirit, alternative health, complementary therapies and healing, spiritual transformation. They also publish and distribute free of charge a monthly book magazine (also available on line).