To my dear students and friends, 
Wherever you are, no matter how far, you will always remain in my heart…
Thank you for your kind words and being part of my life! 
* * *

Sanya has taught my son classical guitar for many years after having had lessons with another teacher. He had become bored and picked up a bad technique which was holding him back. Sanya soon sorted him out and gave him a much wider repertoire to play. He then achieved his first ever distinction for a guitar exam. (Grade 7 classical) Thank you Sanya for all the patience and enthusiasm you have shown.


* * *

I had been playing guitar for about a year before visiting Sanya in spring 2013. I could play the basic open chords but not much more.
After I had been playing about 2 months I had a few guitar lessons with two different teachers before Sanya. All that they managed to do was convince me they were both very good guitarists, but did nothing to improve my already low confidence. Both never remembered what they had set me as homework. I felt that I wasn’t progressing at all and therefore stopped having lessons completely.
A customer of mine recommended Sanya and I had a trial lesson, with the option of continuing afterwards. From the beginning I felt relaxed with Sanya, and looked forward to the work that she set me between lessons. I wanted to play blues guitar and the work that Sanya set me was always challenging but set at my level. It was also geared to the music that I wanted to play.
Rather than dreading my lessons, I was now really looking forward to them. After only a short time I was making progress. It was steady rather than spectacular but I was delighted.Even my wife who is my worst critic said that my playing sounded nice. High praise indeed!!
Sanya is a great guitarist and can cover many styles but she never shows off. She plays things through so that they are understandable and backs this up by sending MP3 files of the music through. This really helped me
There is always continuity with Sanya so that one lesson follows on from the next in a logical and progressive way.
Unfortunately I am moving country and am unable to continue with Sanya, but hopefully she’ll come and visit so that I can fit the odd guitar lesson in…A big thanks to Sanya for the help that she has given me. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
* * *
An entirely self-taught guitarist, I have found Sanya absolutely invaluable for highlighting my idiosyncrasies and helping correct my sloppy technique. She figured me out in just a few minutes, and then listened carefully to what I wanted to achieve and the styles I prefer to play. She has a wonderfully personal and flexible approach to tuition, which suits my ‘hot-and-cold’ practising, and has introduced me to some lovely pieces of music. Sanya is always on hand to help and encourage me; she has been an inspiration, and I can think of no higher praise than that.
Chris Redfearn – member of the Subzar ensemble
* * *

I started playing guitar in primary school when i was about 10. Interestingly, I was being taught by a student of Sanya’s – even before I knew her, she was indirectly teaching me. When I left primary school, I roamed, trying to find another teacher and only Sanya made the cut. She taught me fantastically up until my grade 5 classical and then I switched to electric guitar and went METAL. Even though this isn’t quite in her usual curriculum, Sanya took on the challenge of teaching a grumpy, monosyllabic, messy-haired teenager and did a great job, I think.

I thank you so much for all you’ve done and hope to see you again soon.

Mark Holmes

* * *
When I came to Sanya a year or two ago I was looking for someone to help develop my flamenco classical guitar style. Being a blues-rock player with some classical guitar skill of some 30 years I thought I could play. However, Sanya dismantled my technique and went beyond helping me to move my fingers and make a noise. She has opened up a whole world of tone, texture and sensitivity to the music that I didn’t know existed.  It has been a tough and enlightening time period and I must commend her for her indulgence, and the commitment that she brings with her to a lesson alongside her deep understanding of the guitar and her music knowledge.
Antony Stanley
* * *

I have three children who have enjoyed weekly sessions with Sanya starting with my oldest some 6 years ago. In all those years, I have reached the conclusion that, rather than attending lessons delivered in a standardized format, they have visited a friend who has shared her love of the guitar and enthused them to appreciate its beauty. I have come to understand that developing a good technique is vital to developing in the instrument and Sanya’s own background from playing at the very highest level ensures the fundamentals of playing the guitar are taught; but her gift is to achieve this objective through patience and enthusiasm.Most importantly, Sanya has spent time learning about what style of music appeals to each of our children and then geared the sessions accordingly. So, for example, my son enjoys the classical genre, my youngest daughter enjoys singing and playing the guitar; whilst my middle daughter is only able to enjoy infrequent sessions during the holidays; accordingly, each is taught according to what interests them musically and of course this encourages them to play the music they enjoy with the additional reward of feeling that they are progressing to new levels.Throughout these years, on every occasion my children have left the session uplifted and feeling positive about themselves. The time spent with Sanya remains a period in their busy lives that they can look really forward to each week. I have a feeling that the guitar will feature in my children’s lives for the rest of their lives and, as a parent, I have found this tremendously rewarding.

Mark Rosser

* * *

Your lessons are tedious, boring, outrageously expensive & all you want to do is show off your amazing guitar skills…….only kidding!

Thanks for the lesson Sanya. As a seasoned amateur guitar player I know it is all down to practice – meaning it’s all down to me (!) but your insights are so useful in dealing with the areas I struggle – whether it is hand positioning which is holding me back from doing what I want to achieve or a difficult piece of music where the timing is impossible and a 6th finger in my left hand seems the only answer.

I love your enthusiasm and want to thank you for helping to motivate me to recover from a hand injury where I was pretty convinced I wasn’t going to be picking up the guitar again. Now I want to make up for lost time.  Thanks Sanya for being an amazing mentor!

Andy Mc Callum

I was tutored by Sanya for nearly 3 years. Thanks to Sanya’s patience, music expertise and great way of communiting with students my guitar playing went from strength to strenght every day. I have tried numerous guitar teachers before but none of them where at the same level as Sanya. Her great teaching performance and dedication can be vouched for through my achievements. Just in 3 years of weekly lessons I managed to go from a complete novice all the way to grade 8. In fact on March 2011 I sat the mentioned exam and obtained 87%. The numerous concerts and performance events that Sanya organised for her students allowed the opportunity to master the skill of public performance. Some of the pieces that Sanya helped me prepared for these events include, Gran Vals by Tarrega, Lagrima by Tarrega, Cavatina by John Meyers and Chorus no 1 by Villa Lobos.
Apart from being a teacher, Sanya was also our friend. She organised regular events for us all, including summer BBQ, Christmas meals, guitar piano performance and many others.
Thank you Sanya for taking the extra step and help me achieving my music dreams.’
Kevin Cassar
* * *
Well, how do you put the gift of not only music, but a sense of peace into words? When I came to Sanya, I was desperate to find someone to teach me to play without reading music. Previously, I had been taught by another teacher for two years and could not learn anything, because he made it mechanical science, not fun, not inspirational and with no spirit to the music. The first thing Sanya did was ask me what I wanted, then she proceeded to teach me just that. She never made me feel a failure, or a waste of time, even though I learn very slowly. She also taught me how to feel the music. I will never forget the first real feeling of, this is how it should be was when she said to me: “Remember, every note is a word that is telling a story”.
Since that day I have never looked back. So if you want to learn how to make your guitar “talk”, and how to have fun at the same time, I will always say: “Go to see Sanya, she will give the gift of music to you”, as she did to me.  I am so confident with her now that I am just beginning to learn to read music, which is something I never thought I would do.
So for The Gift if Music you have given me Sanya, I will always be eternally grateful.
There is nothing I would change about my lessons as you seem to have a 6th sense about my needs and make me progress at just the right speed.
Mrs Chris Ellaway
My particular problem with learning any musical instrument has been a tendency to concentrate too much on the mechanics of playing the notes and not enough on the musicality of the pieces I am playing.
Sanya, with her confident disdain of technical problems and emphasis on the pleasure of the musical experience, has been an ideal teacher for me. She gives the confidence to overcome many technical difficulties and helps me pay more attention to the quality of sound produced and the overall musical effect. She has also introduced me to a wealth of new material from what I had always thought was a somehow limited guitar repertoire.
Michael Hatch
You have given me inspiration and belief within myself, of my ability in playing the guitar. Teaching me with patience, consideration,  and understanding whilst supporting me whenever I lost the rhythm or spirit of music.
As you know my interest has never been to read music and this daunting thought has always kept me from musical instruments, yet you have taught me to feel and love music, and that reading music is only a section of it that is not essential: to my relief.
My surprisingly rapid speed of learning enabled me to play tunes that I enjoyed, endlessly. This is all due to you. You have helped me fulfil one of my dreams, which is to play the guitar. That, you have made so pleasant.
Camilla Jackson
I have only just begun lessons, but from the six or so lessons  I have had, my knowledge of the guitar of the guitar has accelerated dramatically. You are a phenomenal teacher. You have inspired me with every note I have played. There is nothing I’d change about our lessons, except for my fingers to “stretch” and finally get the hang of B flat chord!
You make me feel extremely welcome and always encourage me when I’m struggling, which makes it easier to carry on and get it right at a “relaxed” speed. A certain source of a good teacher, “not to give up on the pupil and keep on encouraging”, you truly have this special gift and its a pleasure to be inspired by your wisdom. I’d like to thank you, for teaching me songs which I never thought I could play “being an amateur” and all! I hope I can keep learning in your fun and exciting lessons. Thanks very much!
These lessons with you, for me are more than just learning how to play the guitar and learn music. Through each lesson my mind’s horizon is broadened, and I am sure as time moves on they will be an influence on my future.
In each of the lessons, with your enthusiasm and patience, you manage to unlock a persons talent, how ever small and allow that person to grow with discipline to their full potential and above all making it fun, as it should be. Thank you.
Paul Rubil
At the ripe old age of forty-five I can finally play a couple of tunes and can also read a little bit of music. All this after just six lessons!
Thank you for your patience, and for letting me work at my pace. You have a tremendous amount of talent both as a musician and as a person. Don’t you ever change this winning combination.
I have to say the lessons have not met my expectations…to clarify, I envisioned hours of staring at sheet music, learning by note, etc. While the “hours” may be fine (thanks for not scolding), you’ve taught me learning should be fun and to just pick up the guitar and play.
I really enjoyed bringing in an eclectic mix of music and having you teach me based on what interests me.  Thanks for all the fun. I look forward to more.
Paul M
After the first lesson I went home and could play a very nice tune. I thought that was absolutely brilliant. From there I started to read music and guided by you I learned more and more. I enjoy the music you give me and fun we have with our “Brian Adams project”.
You asked me for the truth and the truth is you are a brilliant teacher and your lessons are most enjoyable. Furthermore I found in you a very good friend, someone I can talk to and connect with. Thank you for being my teacher and a friend.
Marjolein Stewart-Ashley
Sanya is not my first teacher. I had two previously and both of them did not teach me to use the right hand, only to strum and play chords. Sanya seemed to know exactly what I wanted from the guitar. I couldn’t read music, but after only a few lessons I can now read and play some inspiring tunes and I’m now hooked on this wonderful hobby and want to learn more.
I am so grateful to you, Sanya for technique of tuition. Don’t change your style of teaching. I feel that you are a very good friend as well as an excellent teacher. Thank you Sanya.
Teresa P
Having spent 18 months trying to learn guitar with books and videos, I thought I wasn’t musical enough to learn an instrument. You have managed to change that in just a few short weeks, and although I have a long way to go, I am much more confident now.
Your style of teaching is pretty unique, and you are definitely more of a friend than teacher – keep doing what you do.
As a result of the birth of my first child, I wanted to mark this special occasion, but how?
I’ve always admired those people who have a talent for playing any musical instrument, and had always wanted to play an instrument myself. So I decided to bite the bullet and go for it, and boy am I glad I did it!
I believe I’ve found myself an extremely talented musician to help me fulfill my ambition. I know I’ll never be the next Eric Clapton, but I can’t wait to buy my daughter her first guitar and teach her to play it myself. Thank you Sanya.
Playing the guitar has not only been a totally new instrument, but also a totally new experience! Even after having reached Grade 6 on the violin and giving up, I never enjoyed it. It was more stressful than fun which has probably why I never practiced. But I love playing the guitar and your lessons so much, that, as you can see, I end up laughing at my mistakes rather then crying at them – even though there are so many of them!
The relaxed environment of your home, your beautiful children and your beaming smile are guaranteed to brighten up even my most disastrous day as well as teach me guitar playing too.
Thank you for your patience and encouragement even when I sound like I’m strangling a cat in your house. Looking forward to many more years of learning and playing.

Hi Sanya

I feel like a little girl out on a new adventure with my music.  It’s so lovely and I feel so excited about it at times.  I have always wanted to sing and accompany myself on the guitar and here I am this week, as basic as it is, doing just that, I never achieved that in the 8 years I was learning the piano.  I am so looking forward to this developing into something quite wonderful.  Thank you for your part, I really like the way you reign me in regarding the technical side and how you loosened the reign (on Monday) to let me achieve what I have this week.
I hope you don’t mind me putting this to you now but I live in the moment most of the time and the way you’ve taught me so far has given me this lovely moment which I feel you should share.
Be encouraged




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  1. I got my first guitar when I was 11 and now I’m 18 I can’t believe I’m where I am! From the very beginning Sanya was completely supportive of me and always combined having a fun time with learning how to work my fingers around my guitar. Even when I told her I needed a break she was totally supportive! After almost 2 years of not playing my guitar at all, Sanya took me back under her wing and I improved even more!

    Thank you so much for teaching me for all those years and even now! I know for sure that I would not be where I am without your expert guidance and sensei-like, guitar master wisdom! Not only have you been a terrific teacher but you’ve been a great friend!

    Jaz – Somewhat Snakes band founder

    • Thank you so much Jaz! Your enthusiasm, passion for music and endless creativity have been a great inspiration to my teaching. It’s always fun and a pleasure to listen to your playing! One of my favourite memories was your first public performance after only a few lessons. We jammed like you were born with it! 🙂

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